Hello, I want to introduce you to Chrisco Hampers. I have been buying Chrisco hampers for years now and really love when December rolls around and my packages start to arrive. I just know you will come to love Chrisco as well. When you place your order with Chrisco please give them my name and agent number Donna Carter 1432431. Happy Holidays!! 

If there is anything I can help you with please email me at carstevboxers@gmail.com and I am happy to help


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Why choose Chrisco?

Chrisco is a reputable company with a 30-year history. You can be assured of our integrity. We’ll stand by our promises and make sure you’re entirely happy with your order.
We take pride in our code of ethics and the way we maintain the highest standards of customer service at all times. You can rest assured we comply with industry guidelines and that our procedures are tried and proven. That’s because we’ve developed them with advice from our customers over many years.

How Chrisco prices compare with supermarkets

The price you pay includes the cost of collecting your payments (charged to us by our bank), special packing, delivery (unless where specified) and GST. Prices are fixed for the year. We do charge a little more than some supermarkets because of all the extra costs, but thousands of customers think that Chrisco is great value and tell us they wouldn’t be able to manage without our help.

We guarantee you will get the products you paid for

Chrisco was established in 1977, and we’ve been supplying hampers here in Australia since 1997. The fact that we’ve been around for so long demonstrates our commitment to service and delivery. We’ll be around for many years to come!

    Agent 1432431